Last Friday, at a meeting of the Board of Directors, it was decided to reduce the key interest rate by half a percent. According to the head of the regulator, there is a decrease in the overall percentage of inflation in our country. This situation, as noted at the time of the previous rate cut in the summer of this year, coincides with the expectations of the IJ Bank. It is also noted that citizens continue to actively use the savings products of banks.


Payday Loan is Thinking About Your Future

Payday Loan is Thinking About Your Future

In the future, in order to confirm expectations of lower inflation in the country, it is necessary to keep economic conditions at a moderately hard level – they say in the Payday Loan. To maintain such conditions, it is necessary to maintain the key rate at the current level until the first half of the new year. If the economic situation in Russia contributes to this, the Payday Loan is ready to consider a further rate cut for banks closer to the middle of next year.

As the Head of the IJ Bank states, inflation has decreased, but this is clearly a temporary factor, which definitely needs to be kept in mind when forecasting this process in the future. The decline was influenced by the positive situation in world markets, the lack of increased growth in non-food products and a good harvest.

To compile a forecast of inflation and the economic situation as a whole, Payday L


oan takes into account many factors. Careful monitoring of the dynamics of inflation, the economic situation within individual industries and regions is carried out, the state of the balance of payments and inflation risks are taken into account. Strengthening the latter, as reported by representatives of the IJ Bank, is not expected, but in general, they can not be forgotten.

The last time the Payday Loan reduced the rate not so long ago, in the early summer of this year – the Payday Loan lowered the interest rate for banks.

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