Fast and easy payday advance bad credit

If you are interested in the offer of non-specific non-bank loan Guzman Credit, you can apply for it from your home without having to go to a branch. Perhaps the best option is to use a credit calculator on a website and fill out a short form with basic information about you and your property. But you can do it differently – just enter your phone number on the site and then the credit company representative will contact you.

There is not much of the required documents and documents, but without some, you will not be able to handle your application successfully. Two ID documents are required from personal documents, one of which must be an ID card, the other may be a birth certificate, a passport, an armor or a driving license. There is no need for receipts for documents, etc., but you have to have documentation for your property that you want to guarantee. You will need an up-to-date statement of the cadastre – it must not be more than three months old at the same time as proof that the property is actually in your possession (eg purchase contract or gift contract). If you have another person who will be liable for your property, it is also necessary to prove his / her personal documents and, of course, proof of ownership of the property.

You can view website for the exact procedure for applying for a payday advance bad credit over the Internet.

Now let’s take a closer look at how the internet application for credit is filled. First, you must open the Guzman Credit website. On the home page, choose Loan for anything from the top menu.

A new site will open to show you a simple and easy-to-use credit calculator, where you can easily set the parameters of your loan, according to your needs and the ability to repay the loan. With the sliders you can choose the exact amount of the loan and also the repayment period – you will always see the exact amount you would have to pay each month.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can go to filling out a short form. First, write a few of the most basic contact information – in this case, your first name, last name, email address, and phone number + you will agree to process your personal information. Check the information for sure, and if everything is correct, click the green Get Loan button to confirm.

At that moment, the second part of the form opens, which is a little longer, but it’s not terrible. This time it’s about basic information about your property and your financial situation. You choose what kind of property you want to guarantee, how you have a relationship with it (owner, team member, or tenant), select the approximate value of the property, the region where the property is located, whether or not you have some execution, pledges or mortgages and you received a special bonus code, be sure to include it as well. Finally, you can leave a message to the Guzman Credit operators (eg at what time you may ideally contact you), check to see if you have everything filled in correctly and have your consent to process your personal information and click on Get Loan to submit your request to treatment.

The credit specialist will then call you within two days to call the number you provided in the request and agree with you on the next steps.

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